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'Be one of the first in China to own what has taken the Western world by storm!'

Camping and the outdoors is an activity that people all over the world enjoy together with their families. It attracts people from all walks of life from the busy business person who is always on the go, to the young families wanting to spend time together, they will find time in the fresh countryside air so rejuvenating and refreshing!

With china having so many beautiful places to visit at your doorstep, you could spend a lifetime travelling without seeing it all! Just imagine bundling your family and friends into the car and travelling a few hours out of the busy city to a beautiful destination to enjoy the clean fresh air and beautiful scenery, and needless to say, to indulge in some of the fresh cuisine that the country life can offer!

Be it a trip to visit a wine region or to a waterside location or a great mountain, the options are endless! You will find after a short stay away from the everyday routine, you will be so rejuvenated that every aspect of your personal and professional life will benefit greatly!

There are so many levels for camping; we strive to offer you comfortable, luxurious caravans that you will be proud to own and show to your friends! They include all of the creature comforts you will find in a five star hotel, things like hot water shower, toilet, air conditioning, cooking facilities, fridge/freezer, TV and music centre, comfortable queen size bed for you and your partner and bunk beds for your children or even your friends if required. We have so many models to choose from!

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